Erika Torri and Carol Buckley_Athenaeum

(L to R:) Erika Torri and Carol Buckley in the gallery of Athenaeum Art Center.

Image of (L to R:) Athenaeum Executive Director Erika Torri standing alongside Assistant Librarian Carol Buckley in the gallery space of the Athenaeum Art Center in Logan Heights during the opening night celebration.

Kraig Cavanaugh

Kraig Cavanaugh lectures about art history—specializing in Modern & Contemporary Art—as well as being an instructor of color theory, design, and studio art. He has curated numerous art exhibitions, authored exhibition catalogues, and written art reviews for several other print and online journals including "Artweek" (USA) and "Selvedge" (UK) magazines. Cavanaugh is also an invited member of the Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art (United States division), which is an NGO in official relations with UNESCO.

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