A Midsummer Night’s Awakening

By Mark Burgess | August 10, 2022 |

For an audience welcoming all that is modern culture and looking to laugh, this production is a joy, delivered in San Diego’s own park of fancy and marvels on the outdoor Lowell Davies Festival Stage.

Here There Are Blueberries explores the chilling layers of the perpetrators of Auschwitz

By Cassiopeia Guthrie | August 10, 2022 |
Frances Uku, Scott Barrow and Charles Browning in La Jolla Playhouse and Tectonic Theater Project’s world-premiere production of Here There Are Blueberries; photo by Rich Soublet II.

“I know I couldn’t have been a Mengele… or a Höcker… but could I have been a Helferinnen?” The audience leaves asking themselves that same question of complicity following La Jolla Playhouse’s world premiere Here There Are Blueberries, running through August 21.

Litvak’s “Dancing Outdoors” Offers Strong Geographic, Emotional Range

By Janice Steinberg | August 5, 2022 |

Strutting out in glitter and fur, Ashley Akhavan and Nick McGhee own the stage in “I hear everybody you know is more relevant than everybody I know.” Dipping, pivoting, vamping, Akhavan is all cool hauteur, while McGhee flashes a “please like me” smile. This deliciously cheeky piece opened “Dancing Outdoors Take 2,” Litvak Dance’s show in the courtyard of ICA in Encinitas on Saturday.

SummerFest 2022 Explores the Bach Family and Their Wide Influences in Western Music

By Ken Herman | August 1, 2022 |

Beyond Bach, Sunday’s SummerFest 2022 program, offered a clever potpourri of works that inspired—or might have inspired—J. S. Bach, as well as a few works inspired by the Leipzig master himself.

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