Breaking News: Arts in San Diego Consolidate

San Diego, April First – The San Diego Co-mission for Arts and Culture and Such announced today the consolidation of major arts organizations in San Diego.  Driven by recent moves to reduce public funding for the arts and a declining treasure chest of funding from government sources over the last few decades, the move sought by the Co-mission is intended to take bass measures into account for economies of la scala as well as the marriage of figaroative resources in a pirouette away from individual funding.  The five organizations to be merged are the San Diego Opera, San Diego Symphony, City Ballet of San Diego, San Diego’s The Old Globe and the Mainly Mozart Festival.

The new logo for TOGSOCBMMOSD

Hereon to be known as the The Old Globe Symphony Opera City Ballet Mainly Mozart of San Diego (TOGSOCBMMOSD), the combined funding of the five organizations will total nearly $55 million.

“We believe music, theater and dance in San Diego can best be served from one accounting system, one mailing list and most certainly one bank account”, said Arts Co-missioner Arthur Cutright.  “After all, it’s not like you can see the same performance over and over, it’s unique every night, with every performance, and that’s a lot of waste.”  Cutright’s appointment as the Side Table of the Co-mission (a position created when the Chair was already occupied) comes at a fortuitous time for arts in San Diego. With the recent departure of the Chargers NFL Franchise, the city is now desperate to find a new source of entertainment.

David Bennett former Executive Director of the former San Diego Opera was unavailable for comment, as was Nancy Bojanic former Executive Director of the former San Diego Mainly Mozart Festival, Barry Edelstein of the former The Old Globe, Steven Wistrich of the former City Ballet of San Diego and Martha Gilmer of the former San Diego Symphony.  In addition, Alex Spanos, owner of the former San Diego Chargers was also not reached for comment.

When reached by phone, chief classical music critic for Ken Herman, just gave a sour look. Mr. Herman’s co-founders of Critics LLC, publisher of, Welton Jones, Kris Eitland, Bill Eadie and Mark Burgess also reached by email all just smiled.  Mr. Burgess said “<insert appropriate emoticon>.”


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