Adventure Carries The Old Globe’s Creative ‘Exotic Deadly’

Anna Mikami and Eunice Bae. (Photos courtesy of Rich Soublet II.)

Over the past few years, Keiko Green has given standout performances in both Backyard Renaissance Theatre Company’s production of God of Carnage and Cygnet Theatre’s staging of The Great Leap. She is also an accomplished playwright, and her unique prose are in full display throughout the wonderful World Premiere presented by The Old Globe, Exotic Deadly: Or the MSG Play.

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Friday at the WoW Festival

Seeing a festival is a lot like the old story of the blind people describing an elephant. Each person will get a certain impression depending on what part of the elephant is explored, and it is also dangerous to make sweeping statements before doing a complete exploration.

But, with that caveat, I will plunge ahead nevertheless.

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