Live Arts Fest Honors Dance Legacies and Makes Critic Sweat

When we had to do a movement phrase crossing the floor, I started to think that being onstage was a very bad idea. This year’s Live Arts Fest offered not just a look at dance legacies, but actual somatic experience. Plus a lesson that choreographers age incredibly well … Bella Lewitzky started her company at 50 and led it for 30 years; and Robert Cohan, whom the little festival that could brought from London, showed a fresh new work he’d created at 90.

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When Dance Makers Test Work & Compete for Prizes, Everyone Wins

Brooks commented on Barton’s gorgeous partnering and counterpoint.

“There was a sweeping quality that felt like calligraphy,” he said. “I like your sense of centrifugal force and not stopping.” His statement triggered laughter from Ms. Whelan in the bleacher seats, who is keenly aware of Brook’s dance aesthetic and approach to partnering.

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