Not Just Intoxicating but Deeply Satisfying: “Sauced” at Art Produce

Happily, “Sauced” is not merely fun; it’s smart, complex, and superbly danced. Choreographers Erica Buechner, Bradley Lundberg, and Blythe Barton pack so much substance into this suite of dances—the energy and speed of a jive number, quick shifts in level and direction, engaging dramatic tableaux, seemingly effortless changes in the cocktail bar set; there’s even a bit where dancers bring drinks to the audience.

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When Dance Makers Test Work & Compete for Prizes, Everyone Wins

Brooks commented on Barton’s gorgeous partnering and counterpoint.

“There was a sweeping quality that felt like calligraphy,” he said. “I like your sense of centrifugal force and not stopping.” His statement triggered laughter from Ms. Whelan in the bleacher seats, who is keenly aware of Brook’s dance aesthetic and approach to partnering.

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A Dance Cornucopia – Stages Overflow with Tasty Offerings

Feathery light Ana da Costa was most pleasing as the ordinary peasant girl Giselle who dies of a broken heart when she discovers that her lover is engaged to another woman. Tall and gallant, Trystan Merrick gave Ms. da Costa superb support as Albrecht, and he inserted theatrical details to expand his character from a two-timing cad to a remorseful young man consumed with guilt

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