Trystan on Tour with The TROCKS

By Kris Eitland | June 28, 2012 |

Call it a rare opportunity.  San Diego dancer Trystan Loucado is on tour in Europe with Les Ballets TROCKADERO de Monte Carlo. The company is known for its “playful, entertaining view of traditional, classical ballet in parody form, and en travesti.”   The men dance en pointe.  Yes, you read that right. “He took pointe classes and auditioned in New York,” said Jean Isaacs of San Diego Dance Theater. “They loved him and took him on the spot.” Loucado is a company member of Isaacs’ San Diego Dance Theater and City Ballet of San Diego. He plans to return to San…

Legally Blonde The Musical at Moonlight Stage Productions

By Bill Eadie | June 28, 2012 |

Legally Blonde The Musical may be the newest work in the Moonlight Stage Productions summer season (the others: Fiddler on the Roof, Anything Goes, and Sweeney Todd, are all at least 30 years old), but it certainly comes pre-sold. The 2001 film on which it was based is a staple for TV viewers, and its girrrl power message resonates with the audience demographic that made Wicked such a huge hit. Still, the Broadway version didn’t recoup its investment despite a healthy run, and while a national tour continues the show hasn’t done as well at later stops as it did…

Spreckels Summer Organ Festival Opens

By Ken Herman | June 27, 2012 |
Robert Plimpton with Brass Ensemble

If last week gave us the summer solstice, then it must be time for San Diego’s summer musical rituals to begin. Monday (June 25) at the Speckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park, organist Robert Plimpton and conductor Shannon Kitelinger inaugurated the 25th annual International Summer Organ Festival with a rousing concert of organ, brass, and percussion. In most church settings, the sonic volume of six skilled brass players will easily balance a pipe organ, but the mighty Spreckels Organ—with with 73 ranks of pipes designed to fill the spacious open-air pavilion—overpowered this ensemble much of the time. Kitelinger, who is…

Sample Review

By Mark Burgess | June 24, 2012 |

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