Renee Taylor & Joe Bologna Laugh It Up at the Welk

By Bill Eadie | November 4, 2012 |

It’s easy to like Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna. For one thing, they’re incredibly personable on stage. For another, they’re still obviously in love after 47 years of marriage. But, what seals the deal is that they’re funny – ranging from knowing-smile funny to chuckle funny, to laugh-out-loud funny, to guffaw funny. All of these kinds of funny are amply on display in the couple’s latest show, If Ever You Leave Me … I’m Going With You!, performing through November 11 at the Welk Resorts Theatre.

Thibaudet in La Jolla: Debussy Hot and Debussy Cool

By Ken Herman | November 3, 2012 |
Jean-Yves Thibaudet by Decca Kasskara

Pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet’s Debussy recital Friday (Nov. 2) at La Jolla’s Sherwood Auditorium was not for the timid or casual aesthete. His program was no sampler of Debussy’s greatest hits, but an elegant master class that probed the gamut of the composer’s idiom for his favored instrument. With consummate technical prowess and uncanny insight, Thibaudet…

‘San Diego Dances on Broadway’ cut loose in the lobby

By Kris Eitland | October 30, 2012 |

Intrepid dance troupes are performing in non-traditional settings all over town.  One of the most ambitious, and thrifty, is The PGK Project, directed by Peter G. Kalivas (pronounced Kah-LEE-vahs). Kalivas’ roving dance series “San Diego Dances” started in a hair salon in Hillcrest, bounced to a rec center in Golden Hill, then a wine bar,…

San Diego Symphony Soars in Brahms and Sibelius

By Ken Herman | October 27, 2012 |
Ray Chen (photo by Chris Dunlop)

In recent years, the San Diego Symphony has chosen most of its guest soloists with the same status conscious eye that upscale shoppers use at Nordstrom and Nieman Marcus. Pianists such as Lang Lang and Garrick Ohlsson (already heard this month) and violinists Joshua Bell and Gil Shaham (we will hear them later in the…

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