Emotionally charged adaptation of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ hits Broadway San Diego for a limited run

Jem, Atticus, Scout, and Dill speak on the Finch porch.

“A mob’s a place where people go to take a break from their conscience.” “I was guilty as soon as I was accused.” “How much time would Maycomb like? Helen Robinson was asking.” The hits just keep coming as To Kill a Mockingbird, currently stopping in San Diego on tour for the next few days, refuses to shy away from packing the punches…

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Mountaintop Engages But May Not Satisfy

What if you knew that this evening was your last on earth? What would you do? And, to complicate matters further, what if you were the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and you had this information? That’s the premise of Katori Hall’s play, The Mountaintop, now through March 31 at San Diego REP’s Lyceum Space. Full of twists and turns, this West Coast premiere may not entirely satisfy, but it will engage.

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