A Zucchini Saves Art Exhibit

Heather Rasmussen's "Untitled (Zucchini and yellow chair on table)," 2013. © Heather Rasmussen.

Gemstone arses, secret codes, and a hilarious erect zucchini come together to salvage an experimental art exhibit filled with art-star pomposity and copycat mentality at Quint Gallery’s Horizon exhibition in La Jolla…

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French Curves Bared at R.B. Stevenson Gallery

Using a bright 1960s flower power palette, Ricardo Xavier paints floral designs with meticulous care in his current exhibition entitled “Kinetic Contrasts” at La Jolla’s R.B. Stevenson Gallery. Xavier creates his ornate canvases by using draftpersons’ French curves and meticulous silk screening technique. The newest paintings’ color and designs have evolved in both their power and complexity…

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