Airy Anything Goes Makes an Enjoyable Evening

By Bill Eadie | August 24, 2012 |
Anything goes featured

Airy is good for summer musicals staged outdoors, and Moonlight Stage Productions version of Anything Goes doesn’t push the envelope at all in making an enjoyable evening for its audiences.

Brahms Piano Trios Disappoint

By Ken Herman | August 24, 2012 |
Jon Kimura Parker [photo (c) Maurice Beznos]

The prospect of hearing all three Piano Trios by Johannes Brahms in one concert was more than enticing. And SummerFest 2012’s A-list roster of violinist Cho-Liang Lin, cellist Gary Hoffman, and pianist Jon Kimura Parker as the program’s performers shot my expectations through the roof. At the intermission of Wednesday’s (Aug. 22) Brahms Piano Trio…

Dances with Trees

By Kris Eitland | August 23, 2012 |

Ideas for dance often come from nature.  In “Bare Arm Branches,” Blythe Barton creates a stark forest narrative:  six women scramble to protect their precious potted trees and ultimately find common ground. Set to a collection of indie favorites by artists such as Andrew Bird, “Bare Arm Branches” opened with the sound of birds chirping…

Lamb’s Leads From Strength in See How They Run

By Bill Eadie | August 21, 2012 |
See How They Run featured

Producing Artistic Director Robert Smyth has a knack for staging plays from the 1940s. He gets the era, how people talked then, and he’s fascinated with the details of the kind of well-made play that 1940s writers routinely produced. But, these plays today are considered quaint, and they’re seldom done. Mr. Smyth consistently provides persuasive evidence for reviving shows from this period.

He’s also good at directing farce, and See How They Run is a classic 1940s British farce. It should be a winner at Lamb’s and it is.

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